Sunday, 5 June 2011


Two months ago I was introduced to Mahjong and I'm hooked!  A game of chance and skill - the version I play involves 3 players.  Our friend Chris, who taught us how to play the game, finally learned the game herself while home in Malaysia this past Chinese New Year.  When she goes back in July, she will learn how to play the 4 player version and share it with us.

Chris and her partner have a proper Mahjong table and of course of full set of the domino sized tiles.  The table has a very smooth surface for ease in manipulating the tiles, and each place has a drawer to keep our "winnings" safe.

We've already established our preferred seats and each time we go over to play we gravitate to the same spot.  Last night I was losing.  Usually we each win a few games and lose a few games, always within a reasonable margin.  My drawer of winnings was almost empty.  Chris said that Chinese tradition says that your luck can change if you go to the toilet and come back, change your underwear (and I was already wearing lucky red), or change your seat in the game. 

I changed seats.  And then I won a game, then two more then another two and pretty soon I had filled up my drawer.  Ultimately I wasn't the overall winner of the night, but that's okay.  It's a bit of  luck and thoughtful strategy which keep the mind sharp and ultimately a great way to spend time with friends.

Any other Mahjong players?

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